Who We Are

The Mason Chandler Allen Memorial Foundation is led by its Board of Directors, which oversees its activities and ensures that it pursues its mission to increase awareness of and funding for pediatric cancer, and to support youth — through scholarship — to become compassionate leaders.


Board of Directors

The efforts of the MCAMF are led by its Board of Directors:

  • Martin C. Allen, President
  • Kamala D. Allen, Secretary
  • Rosalind A. Willford, Treasurer
  • Lorie F. Martin

MCAMF Youth Advisory Council

The MCAMF Youth Advisory Council is a five-member advisory group comprised of youth committed to Mason’s legacy and the Foundation’s mission as well as youth who have personal experience with pediatric cancer. Led by older brother, Matthew Allen, the role of the Youth Advisory Council is to help the Foundation develop effective outreach and educational programming that engages youth and fosters compassion toward children – including those fighting cancer or other serious illnesses – in their schools and communities.


MCAMF Clinical Advisor

Rochelle Bagatell, MD, is a pediatric oncologist with expertise in the care of children with solid tumors. She has a particular interest in the treatment of patients with neuroblastoma and sarcomas, and is the solid tumor section chief at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a member of Children’s Hospital’s oncology developmental therapeutics team, she is involved in clinical trials of new agents for patients whose cancers don’t respond to initial or established treatments. Dr. Bagatell’s highest priority is to make innovative treatments available to the children who need them. As a family’s greatest advocate during a very difficult time, her rapport with her young patients puts them at ease and her partnership with parents helps them remain positive – for the benefit of their children – even when prospects are grim.

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