About Mason

Mason’s Journey

The Mason Chandler Allen Memorial Foundation was founded in honor of its 13-year old namesake. Mason was an academically gifted, fun-loving and athletic 11-year old when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2015 following a football injury. He endured nine months of grueling chemotherapy, surgery to replace his knee and right femur and 3-day a week physical therapy as he worked to regain his ability to walk.

Reclaiming his Life

After a year of homebound schooling for the 6th grade, Mason celebrated the end of chemotherapy in June 2016, and enjoyed a “normal” summer with pool parties and hanging out with friends in his Marvel-themed clubhouse – a gift from the Make A Wish Foundation. He triumphantly returned to school that September on crutches – the wheelchair and walker things of the past. He and a friend launched the Scoop, the school newspaper and he looked forward to a return to his regular life – school and friends.

Once in a Lifetime

As Mason described it, his diagnosis was a double-edged sword. It was a terrible experience, but one that afforded him the opportunity to do things he probably would not have otherwise. Among these, getting to go on stage and meet the Broadway cast of “Hamilton: The Musical” after the amazing performance he so looked forward to seeing.

Meeting his Football Hero

Another highlight for Mason was meeting his football hero, Darren Sproles at the Eagles practice facility and receiving a ball signed by the coach and team. Darren thought enough of Mason that he invited him to be his guest in his family’s suite at the Eagles’ next game.

Letting Go

After a great holiday season visiting friends and family in Maryland and Virginia, Mason suffered a recurrence of the disease. Tragically, in January 2017, that recurrence ended his school days and on March 11, 2017, Mason lost his battle against the disease.

Mason’s Legacy

Mason was an amazing young man and the Mason Chandler Allen Memorial Foundation is his legacy — raising awareness and continuing the fight against pediatric cancers in his name, and recognizing youth who exhibit his hallmark characteristics of academic excellence and a sincere care and compassion for others who are excluded or in need.

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